Hello, friends! I’m Tricia.

My name is Tricia Pulley and I am the founder of Concise Tech. I live in Central Florida with my husband and family. I’m glad you’ve stopped by! I’ve been programming sites for 22 years and began in the days when we had to use Notepad! Now I am grateful for WordPress and a myriad of excellent tools that make site building, and eCommerce specifically, enjoyable and rewarding.

Concise Tech Values

Concise Tech is an eCommerce-centered service and education company with an emphasis on free and open platforms, data security and privacy. We seek to work with those who share our values:

  • Integrity

    We respect copyright laws and the originality of the content of others. We create unique and individual content and teach our students to do the same. This includes not directly copying the stores and descriptions used by other sellers. This includes giving credit where credit is due. This includes giving professional courtesy to other innovators. Anything less is beneath us.

  • Innovation

    At Concise Tech, we innovate. We seek answers to problems that frustrate us and others and develop new and insightful training that no one else is even teaching. We seek to pioneer and teach new ways to monetize, automate, help and serve.
  • Responsibility

    Concise Tech develops all solutions under the banner of individual and social responsibility, inspired by our founder's alma mater, Olivet College. This motto inspired countless graduates who have also incorporated it into their businesses and taught it in public schools and passed it along to their children.
  • Honesty

    We only recommend products or services that we would give an honest five-star review to and which we use ourselves, even if that means turning down commissions. We make recommendations to our clients that are in their best interest, even if it is not in our financial best interest. We protect the privacy of our clients to the greatest extent possible.
  • Generosity

    To the extent that we succeed, we seek to use our success to make a measurable positive impact locally, regionally, nationally and globally. We will continue to publish free- and low-cost eCommerce educational materials because we believe that everyone who wishes to try eCommerce should be able to do so. We seek to remove the barriers of technological overwhelm and cost.

How to Work With Us

The best way to start a business relationship with Concise Tech is to book a complimentary discovery call. At this time, I, Tricia, am personally conducting all discovery calls and managing projects personally. I frequently bring in highly talented and qualified contractors to help with specific tasks and projects.

During a discovery call, you’ll get to gush about your business or idea. I’ll listen to your business goals, ask you about your biggest pain points and frustrations and then we’ll talk about what Concise Tech can do to resolve them.

There is no obligation and I won’t hard pitch. All my advice given during the discovery call is free and provided without obligation. I only work with clients who are excited to work with us!

Yes! Book my FREE discovery call now!
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