How to Make Cash Back on Your Ali Express Dropshipping Store


How to Make Cash Back on Your Ali Express Dropshipping Store

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Pardon, Did You Say I Can Get Cash Back on My Store?!

Yes, that’s what I said! Ali Express allows up to 8% cashback on purchases made for any purpose including those automated by an eCommerce store using Ali Express as a dropshipping supplier.

Do you run a Shopify store that dropships items from Ali Express? Whether you’re on Woocommerce, Big Commerce, Shopify or another platform, you should be getting up to 8% cash back on all the wholesale purchases your store makes on Ali Express. If you use an app that imports products from Ali Express to your shop and helps automate order fulfillment, there’s a very good chance that someone else is making 8% off of your store. Nothing is free, friends! The makers of those apps have to make their money somehow. 8% of your wholesale revenue could be a steep price to pay, but they’re counting on you not finding out that they’re doing it.

I don’t use or recommend Shopify or Big Commerce. The only platform I use is Woocommerce. I’ll write some articles in the coming weeks explaining my concerns with the major “easy to build” eCommerce platforms and why I like Woocommerce, but the purpose of this article is singular: Let’s get you signed up to get cash back for your store! Click the button below to begin!

Sign Up for Cash Back!

OK, I Signed Up for Cash Back – What’s Next?

Now go over to your store and find out if your fulfillment app has a place to put your cashback link. If you’re using a free app within Shopify to import and fulfill from Ali Express, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use your cashback link. You’ll have to switch to another fulfillment app that allows you to use your link or upgrade within your current service to a paid version of their app. I do not use or recommend any of those apps or platforms.

Personally, I prefer to build my stores on self-hosted WordPress running Woocommerce for the shopping cart and a neat plugin called Alidropship Woo. Look for more articles in the coming weeks about Alidropship, since I presently have four stores running this software. I am a happy client. But I digress: For the Alidropship friends among us, this is where you can drop your link within the Alidropship Woo interface:


How to Get Cashback in Alidropship


And that’s it, folks! Once your cashback link is saved into Alidropship, you don’t have to do anything else. Your cash will automatically accrue as you operate your store normally. Good luck!