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 Hey, I know you!

You’re the person I created Concise Tech for – you want to make money online, but you just don’t know how. You’ve probably tried a few things. You’re frustrated. You’ve heard seen online stores and even purchased from them, but it seems so expensive to have one made and the thought of coding one is overwhelming. Yet, you have the desire to provide a better living for yourself and your loved ones, to quit your job and begin making a strong and reliable income online. You may have discovered that the big storefront platforms have high (and largely hidden) costs and that customizing a store can be mind-boggling too, and that, in reality, some code is required in order to get a shop to display beautifully. No doubt you’ve come across plenty of greedy gurus who want you to pay them $2,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 for them to show you how they make money with their successful store – and even after paying them that much, you still have to do all the work yourself. Yeah, I know you, and I know your pain.

Don’t you worry, friend. I want to help you. I’ve put together this training to cut through the noise, eliminate the confusion and to help you get set up right. The big shopping store platforms allow you to put out a store faster (and they charge you dearly for that) but I don’t believe in cutting corners. Stick with me, spend a little time doing this properly and you’ll enjoy lower costs and greater security and privacy (for starters). I designed this training to be completed in a week, but once you complete your first store, your next one could easily take a day. If you can follow clear instructions and check items off a list, you can complete this training. When you’re done, you’ll have a functioning eCommerce store built on reliable and powerful technology, a real business that can accept sales and ship products. There are costs to start, which I’ve minimized, and anywhere code is needed, code is provided (but seriously, very little code is needed). There’s very little ongoing cost to the print on demand business model in this course; the integration is manual and there isn’t even a plugin involved. Once we set up the link between the printer and your site, though, the two will communicate semi-automatically. Let’s get you situated with a bombdiggity store that’s ready to make money.

Help Is Here

My name is Tricia Pulley. I started Concise Tech because I want to help you start your journey into online earning through eCommerce. I’m a nerd. I build things right. I have this idea that people should help one another and that’s why I’ve put together a training with a value this massive and let you have it for free. If you’re not sure whether a print on demand store is right for you, I encourage you to audit the training. By the end, you’ll know if it’s right for you! This course may be accessed for free as a downloadable PDF file. For those who wish to upgrade, the cost to enroll in the course on this site is $49, which includes the premium workbooks for each module and bonus modules and videos. If you would rather pay me to create your site for you, I charge anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000 for these, so be my guest (if I have any development slots open). This course is one that I could easily charge four figures for. The small charge for the premium version of the course helps me to continue to provide essential and extraordinary training here at Concise Tech.

This is the introduction to eCommerce… stick around and I’ll show you how to keep adding revenue streams to your store, monetize it differently, automate, delegate, and so much more. But first things first – let’s get that store built. What are you waiting for?

Stores Built Our Way Enjoy These Benefits

100% Ownership

You’ll be the only seller on a website you own! We teach you to build your shop right so there won’t be ongoing fees.

Low Startup Cost

It won’t break the bank to get your store going and we’ve designed it to have few ongoing costs as well.

Metrics & Reports

Collect and keep all data your store generates and never pay a fee to access your own data.

FREE SSL Encryption

Secure Socket Layers encrypts purchases and protects data. Learn how to set it up easily and for free.